Sunday, January 31, 2010

Entries 16-30 on the "100 Things I Want to Do Before Being Taken Down For Exceeding My Shelf Life" List.

Don't worry, I intend to compile this list when I finally reach 100:

16.) Climb to the summit of a mountain with a total height of more than 10,000 ft.
17.) Play bass guitar (my own music) in front of a crowd of greater than 1000.
18.) Playing bass, cover "Dance, Pt. 1" by The Rolling Stones with a band in front of a crowd.
19.) See Jeff Beck in concert, preferably in a smaller venue.
20.) Completely read an entire Physiology text book from cover to cover. (I'm a dork!)
21.) Hike at least 100 miles in no particular order or time on the AT.
22.) Make one Asian trip that entails visiting Mongolia, China, Japan, and Russia.
23.) While in Mongolia, I would like to sleep in a ger.
24.) DJ on a classic rock radio station or show.
25.) Visit all 50 states. (21 down, 29 to go.)
26.) Do professional voice-over work, whether just one commercial or more.
27.) Sing in front of a crowd of at least 100.
28.) Buy a chopper motorcycle and ride it regularly.
29.) Own my own home/condo/penthouse.
30.) Fly a Cessna.

Keep your pants on your body and your ass on the edge of your seat...

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