Saturday, January 23, 2010

No You Girls

Some people really will surprise you. For example, being unabashedly two-faced. That surprise is particularly vile in that you eventually find out this "other face" too damned late, many times at no fault of your own. It's like Sybil, except with two distinct personalities instead of sixteen.

That being said, I feel better.

Anyway, on Thursday I received a call from Bank of America regarding a job as part-time teller in Rockwood to which I applied. I had to do a phone interview, which was strange and preemptive to a face-to-face interview on Tuesday. Then on Friday I received a call about a full time job as a tech for a pharmaceutical returns company to which I had applied on Craigslist. This call was a "pre-screening" for a face-to-face interview possibly to come later. I hopefully will be getting a call on that later in the coming week.

So suddenly, I have two new job prospects. One is full time doing a lot of what I already know, and the other is part-time in something I know nothing about. The zinger is that the teller job is $10 an hour with a minimum 20 hours per week. That's like working a full time job and making $5 dollars an hour. I just wish it was a full time job with the $10/h rate instead. I have yet to learn the wages on the returns tech job (which may be more) and it's full time, with no weekends and only 9 to 5:30 every day. It would be a low "contact with customers" job and I would still be a tech.

The returns tech job definitely sounds more enticing. I just hope the pay is decent.

Anyway, back to reading Tocqueville. He is a master in early American sociology. And he was a Frenchman. Who'd a thunk it?

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  1. Good luck with the interviews! Can't wait to hear what happens. (fingers crossed for you)