Friday, February 12, 2010

Entries 31-45 of Aforementioned List.

31.) Go on a cruise to the Azores.
32.) Take a road trip to Maine.
33.) Fix a full Thanksgiving meal.
34.) Take a tour of a brewery.
35.) Finally learn to play slap bass.
36.) Buy the cedar colored Schecter Stiletto Bass I've wanted. (
37.) Go to Canada.
38.) Put in an IV.
39.) Get over my fear of needles.
40.) Go to Ocktoberfest in Germany and get REALLY shitfaced.
41.) Sleep on the beach, in sleeping bag.
42.) Fly over the International Dateline.
43.) Build a playhouse/treehouse for my kid.
44.) Have a kid.
45.) Become a husband and stay a husband to the same wife.

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  1. I really love this part of your list for some reason. Go get 'em, tiger!